How to submit data

Data can be hosted by your local data centre or by the APPLICATE Data Portal. Regardless of where data is hosted, data must be encoded in NetCDF following the Climate and Forecast convention. If data is hosted locally, data must be made available for external users on an OPeNDAP server and discovery metadata must be submitted to the APPLICATE data portal for ingestion in the catalogue.

The fast lane

  1. Document and format your data using NetCDF following the CF convention and using ACDD for discovery elements.
    1. Remember to add GCMD Science keywords (CSV file available through the link) for the keywords attribute.
  2. Check your files.
  3. Contact the APPLICATE team using email or the contact form to initiate the process of publishing data.
    1. Data can be uploaded through the APPLICATE Post processing Infrastructure.

As APPLICATE is an contribution to YOPP, all data exposed in the APPLICATE Data Portal will be exposed in the YOPP Data Portal as well.

Important: Datasets to be published must be uploaded before the projects ends!