YOPP Observation Layer for the Arctic

YOPP Observations in the Arctic region. This is a combination of existing and planned observation efforts. Further information on the background information is available from http://www.polarprediction.net/yopp-activities/yopp-observations-layer/.

Firewall operations and Scheduled maintenance

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How to encode data

The best way to integrate with the APPLICATE Data Portal at the data level is to serve data (observational or analysed/simulated) through the Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP).

APPLICATE Post Processing Environment

The APPLICATE Post Processing environment is a service to the APPLICATE community. It has tools for working with data (including ESMValTool).

How to submit data

Data can be hosted by your local data centre or by the APPLICATE Data Portal. Regardless of where data is hosted, data must be encoded in NetCDF following the Climate and Forecast convention. If data is hosted locally, data must be made available for external users on an OPeNDAP server and discovery metadata must be submitted to the APPLICATE data portal for ingestion in the catalogue.

    The fast lane

    About APPLICATE data management

    APPLICATE data management is built on the model that was launched for the International Polar Year, distributed data management where information can be located at physically distributed data centres with datasets described through discovery metadata (to enable consumers to find them) and use metadata (to enable consumers to use them). This is in line with the activities of the combined SAON/IASC Arctic Data Committee.


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