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New data made available

By steingod |
WMS representation of sea surface temperature.
OGC WMS representation of sea surface temperature.

Barcelona Supercomputing Centre has uploaded a new family of datasets. These are now configured and made searchable with services in the search interface. Some of the datasets have issues with the visualisation service, these issues are being corrected now.

Catalogue trouble

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Following an upgrade of the front- and backend services of the catalogue, the catalogue search engine was restructured yesterday and reindexing of datasets initiated. During the evening of November 21 a hardware outage prevented completion of the reindexing process. Due to this, the catalogue is yet not properly populated. This work will continue once hardware issues have been fixed.

SYNOP stations from WMO GTS added

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Information at WMO SYNOP stations with open data access have been extracted from WMO BUFR to NetCDF/CF. This is now available in the catalogue. Information on the data centre hosting the data is correct, but the data is provided by the WMO members, not the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Work is in progress on how to proper credit the originating provider.

Preparation of information from WMO GTS

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Extraction of information from WMO GTS and ingestion in the data portal is now in process. Information from the synoptic weather stations have been prepared. During ingestion there may be some inconsistencies in how these data are presented. This work will continue through the weekend of March 23-26. Data from radiosondes and ships are also in process, but not that mature yet.

Firewall operations and Scheduled maintenance

By laraf |

A Failover operation has been scheduled on Thursday February 22 at 12:30 Norwegian time.

It will have a short, but widespread impact on network traffic in Oslo. Expected Maintenance Duration: 30 Minutes

In addition, this site will undergo scheduled maintenance on Monday February 26.

Short interruptions in operation may occur during the whole day.